Frequently asked Questions.

Felix Monza
Dortmunder Strasse 2
04357 Leipzig


Customer support is very important to us. Felix Monza do not offer mass products, items belong to a product family but remain to their own piece to piece identity. Quality is assured through manual inspection per item and signature on quality assurance. Thank you!


Where can i see your products?
Showroom / Retailer

You can visit our Showroom in Leipzig, Dortmunder Strasse 2, Germany. We are located in a historical industrial building. Please let us know before you visit us so that we can be prepared and available on site. We are currently building up partnerships with showrooms across europe. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.

I need more detailed information. Who should i contact?
Planner / Interior Architect / Client / Project Leader

To get estimates, planning related Informations or learn more about customization options please contact We will get back to you with solutions and assistance.

I have a question about my existing order.
Process Status

Our support team is always available to answer all of your questions about existing and previous orders. Please send us an email with your question and your invoice number to

Hoch much do i have to pay delivery costs?
Delivery (Versandkosten)

Hyperqube – 9,90 Euro (EU – 29,90 Euro)
Moto Rocker – 39,90 Euro (EU – 59,90 Euro)
Rhomb Dining Table – 49,90 Euro (EU – 69,90 Euro)
Rhomb Coffee Table – 29,90 Euro (EU – 49,90 Euro)
Rhomb Regal – 49,90 Euro (EU – 69,90 Euro)
Rawr – 49,90 Euro (EU – 79,90 Euro)

Do you offer customizations?
Personalization / Tailoring

Yes we do and we are looking forward to your request. Please be informed that customizations need extra time in planning and execution. We will get back to you with a offer and detailed information.

Which voltage do i need?
Hyperqube Details

Our in-built-converter are usable for 220V-240V. In case you need something else please let us know before. We will get back with a solution.

Can i install your lighting in my ceiling?
Hyperqube Details

The Hyperqube is not a light-weight product. Please check the technical specifications for your choice and be sure that your ceiling is able to hold the lighting. Please see our installation manual to avoid misuse. Please be informed that it is part of our Terms and Conditions and warranty, that a certified electrician installs your purchased Hyperqube.

What are your hours of operation?
Office and showroom

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. The showroom is open on demand. Please let us know before you visit us, so that we can be prepared. For any request please send us an email at

Where do you produce?

We are very proud to say that all of our components are made in Germany.

How do i assemble your products?

We designed our products in a way, that everybody should be able to assemble them. It is important to use our tools and gloves. We anyhow recommend to instruct somebody professional for the assembly. The Hyperqube has to be connected by a electrician.

How do i register my Felix Monza item?

We want to make sure that copies stay unworthy. Your purchase leaves our house with a certification card and your name on it. A hidden seal proofs the authenticity.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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