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The team of Felix Monza shares the passion of well made items. The history of production and the overwhelming offer of „products“ shows clearly that meaningful objects take time and effort while being created. Contemporary engineering thoughts are complex and need to respect any kind of element on the way of realization. Mother Earth provides a rich palette of materials but at the same time they are limited. Whenever humans build something they should (in our way of thinking) think through which life this unit is born into. A product is meant to be used, and is going to change. We can precisely plan with choice of material, finish, assembly, disassembly if this item is aging in beauty and we can implement a worth of material, which will cause a different treatment. Collectible furniture from the past will be carefully restored forever. It will even live longer then us, handed over from generation to generation. As a brand we always ask ourselves in every part and screw if the chosen solution is the most durable. What do we really need? What are we looking for? We see a chance of providing products that are enjoyable, and become important to the owner. We do not define our statement of line in a pure luxury thinking, but in a emotional relationship to the things we use, at the end every element of it was planted or created by mother earth. It is an honor for us to realize something out of it. We do not produce pieces in mass quantities, we are trying to optimize manufacturing and reduce waste and cost. Every Felix Monza is built by hand with the help of machinery whenever computer aided precision is available. The finish, handling, quality control is always human made. We hope to attract your attention and we invite all of our customers to experience something different.

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