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Sleep, by design

Simple really can be beautiful. When designing this bed frame, we went back to the drawing board to create something chic, sleek and uber functional. Inspired by the Japanese approach to minimalism, this bed frame is exactly that – a paired back silhouette that sits low to the floor and packs an understated, but powerfully-stylish, punch.

It slots together like a 3D jigsaw. The carefully-positioned steel legs pop up to hold your mattress perfectly in place, whilst wide slats, spaced with carefully positioned air holes, keep you nice and breezy. We’ve also added a handy little slot for your cables to hide messy bedside wires. Nifty.

building made easy

This frame is the music to every flat-pack-o-phobe’s ears – it can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes (we even got our founder to do it). Just slot the parts together and secure them in place by twisting the hand-turned screws – no tools required whatsoever. We give you an instruction booklet to be on the safe side, but we don’t think you’ll need it.

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