Zumtobel Caela
Modular lighting

Interior Lighting / Pendant lights / Wall
mounted lights / Ceiling mounted lights

in cooperation with Graft

The product development of the CAELA luminaire was triggered by the newly developed Edge-Lit technology. Precisely processed diffuser material enables exact dispersion of the light emitted. At the same time, a lower profile height is possible through intelligent configuration of the components. The product group comprises wall, ceiling and pendant luminaires. Therefore, emphasis was placed on tool minimisation and compatibility. To achieve a preferably frameless and clear design, the casing takes a back seat and lets the emitting surface act as a plane. Several CAELA luminaire elements can be shaped into versatile light sculptures.



330 mm / 430 mm


330 mm / 430 mm


50 mm



acrylic (PMMA)



circular or rectangular


mat grey, black , white

copper, brass, silver

Technical Details

Symmetric light distribution
The opal CAELA combines Lambertian light distribution with creative and functional symmetry for general lighting. The luminaire is very homogenous, the opal diffuser extends to the edge of the timelessly modest luminaire.

Asymmetric light distribution
The clear CAELA illuminates halls and stairwells in conformity with standards. Thanks to innovative technology, a small number of wall luminaires is sufficient to reach the required 100 to 150 lux on the ground – without additional ceiling luminaires.

Few components, little effort and perfect timing

The high-quality CAELA luminaire is completed by a design optimised for one-man installation. Just a few steps required to securely fix the luminaire: From the beginning and therefore quite easily, a uniform base plate is screwed onto all luminaire models as early as during the construction phase. Upon completion of construction, the complete luminaire fixture is quickly and completely fixed without any tools via a spring mechanism. Two additional safety catches protect against vandalism

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